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Quality Policy

It is the policy of START Aerospace to ensure that all of our customers are consistently satisfied with the quality products that we provide. We do this by integrating quality at the START of every project we support through and beyond delivery. We will hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to meet all requirements while we achieve and sustain Zero Defects. We will never settle for good enough! We will enhance our processes and Quality Management System to continually improve. We are confident that with a committed leadership team and the skilled work force of START Aerospace we will accomplish our mission the first time every time!


More than a manufacturer!

At START Aerospace we provide access to space to everyone! Our bespoke processes and in house capabilities, designed specifically to address the needs of space hardware development, are made available directly to the designers and engineers at your company that rely on their efficacy. 

We house state of the art equipment and employ top talent in space technology. Whether you need to use a laser sintering 3d printer to prototype a single part in your build or are developing entirely new launch technology from the ground up, we provide the equipment and qualified facilities to make that happen. 

By focusing on providing access to everyone we have developed a  collaborative environment where you can showcase your tech and get access to emerging technology as well as the development teams behind it so that can be integrated into your builds seamlessly!

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When getting it right the first time matters this is where you START

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Product Manufacturing

2 through 7 axis Turning 

3 through 5 axis Milling

Laser Sintered 3D Printing

Mold Injection 

PCB Assembly

Clean Room Assembly and Testing

Vacuum Testing

Specialty Plating

CMM and Laser Inspection

Materials Testing

Harsh Environment Simulation Testing

Destructive and Nondestructive Testing


Minimize iteration delays by having an in house team dedicated to your project as if they were your own employees. Our team will program and setup as well as run the equipment for your product based on processes relevant to your design. You buy the time and participate by bringing the design to the process. In doing so you will enter a space where other like minded companies are developing their space tech along side yours and you will have access to the network and systems that are getting people to space.  Of course we firewall for ITAR and proprietary information but we are able to put diverse space technology closer in proximity to one another than anywhere else in the world!


Complete Support

While the designs will be your own and you will retain all rights to them, we will be available from the very beginning through launch and beyond. Offering engineering support to perform simulations, create CAD models, assist with performance enhancements and more we can cover the front end support that makes build more successful. By keeping this support close to the build team, feedback channels are shortened and iteration and adjustments are seamless! Lastly by providing launch capability, we can ensure cost effective deployment of your hardware.


Las Vegas, NV

702 706-7606

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